JubalArts Policies & Procedures


Snow Days:

Dance classes are cancelled due to severe weather whenever Grand Ledge Public Schools are cancelled. If you are unsure about a class cancellation, we encourage you to check the JubalArts Facebook page for weather cancellation updates: https://www.facebook.com/JubalArts-Dance-Music-Studio-215599261796879/



Students are expected to show up for class early so that they are changed and ready to begin on time. Please arrive to studio already in dance attire since we have only one bathroom and many students! Tardiness is disruptive to the other students, prevents sufficient warm up making the dancer susceptible to strains and injuries, and puts late students at a disadvantage. Students should notify teacher beforehand if they need to leave early.


Observation Week:

Once a year, family and friends have the opportunity to come and observe all that students have been learning throughout a term. Observation classes will be held during the classtime preceding Christmas break. (Refer to school calendar for specific dates.) Those watching should remain quiet in order to foster a learning environment. Please take advantage of Observation Week since class observation is limited to this one week each year. Students enjoy this opportunity to demonstrate what they’re learning in class!


Class Conduct:

The classroom is a laboratory for safe and fun learning. Students are to be encouraged and encouraging to others. Therefore, students who are repeatedly disruptive will have to sit and observe their class in order to enable other students to continue learning. Behavioral problems will be dealt with briefly during class and then resolved afterward outside of class with parental involvement when necessary. 


Class Attire:

It is very important that students wear class-specific attire. See below:



Female ballet students wear solid-colored (no print) ballet pink or black leotard, ballet pink tights, and pink canvas or leather ballet slippers. Black ballet skirt is optional, but must be a legitimate ballet-intended skirt. Shorts of all kinds are prohibited. Ballet warmers such as a ballet sweater or leg warmers may be worn during barre until muscles are warm; non-ballet attire may not be worn during any part of class. Hair in a bun with bangs secured away from the face. No loose jewelry. Male students should wear black leggings or tights, dance belt, black ballet shoes, and a fitted short-sleeved white t-shirt.



Female students wear pink or black leotard with pink or black tights. Black "boy shorts" are allowed. Male students wear black pants and fitted, white shirt or tank. Bare feet or contemporary/lyrical shoes. Hair fastened securely away from face in a bun or ponytail. No obtrusive jewelry.


Dance Fundamentals

Female students in the fundamentals class should wear a leotard with tights. Ballet skirts are optional. During colder months a ballet sweater or leggings may also be worn. Male students should wear stretchy pants and a tee shirt or tank top. Pink ballet shoes needed for girls, black for boys. Slippers should be canvas or leather, not the satin bedroom slippers that look like ballet slippers. Hair should be pulled away from the face securely in bun, pony tails, or braids.


Students wear black leotard with black jazz pants or black or pink tights. Hair should be completely pulled up in a ponytail or bun and secured away from face. No obtrusive jewelry. Required footwear: Black soft-soled jazz shoes.  



Jazz shoes or no shoes. No street shoes allowed - even if they have never been worn outside. (Non-dance shoes soles tear up our floor tape.) Attire is flexible. No bare midriffs please. Please just consider what will allow for ease of movement while keeping the essentials covered! 

Facility Safety & Care:

Gum, food, glass, and non-water beverages are prohibited in the studio. Dance shoes should not be worn outside. Non-dance shoes should not be worn on the dance floor. Students may change clothes in bathroom, but are highly encouraged to arrive in dance attire since we only have one bathroom! Bags should be neatly hung in back waiting area, hung on hooks in the bathroom, or placed neatly in the waiting room under benches and chairs or along the wall. Coats should be hung up. Shoes should be placed neatly on shoe racks. Nothing should be left lying on the floor in the hallway or waiting room!

Please come to class with a plastic water bottle. Items left behind will be kept in lost and found for a couple weeks. To ensure the safety of our students, children should wait for parents inside the studio’s waiting room until picked up by guardian after class. There is parking on the north and east streets around the studio as well as parking lots on the north side of the studio and across the street by the library. Studio entrance is the white door on the Bridge Street side of building.


Placement and Progress:

Students will be evaluated during the first couple weeks of class to ensure that their class level will best foster their development. If a parent wishes to discuss their child’s progress with instructor at any time during the semester, they are encouraged to do so. Appointments can be made by calling JubalArts at (517) 896-9271 or emailing: jubalarts@gmail.com


Tuition Policies:

Monthly Payment

Processed through a third party billing company as an EFT on the 1st of each month, September - April. First tuition payment includes two months' tuition and is paid at the time of registration in order to reserve your place in a class. 


Annual Payment

We give a 5% pre-pay discount for full-pay annual tuition payments made by September 1st. Annual payers must include all tuition and fees paid in full by September 1st either by mail or in-studio by cash or check. (Fees, workshops, and The Little Prince fees are not eligible for a discount.) After September 1st, only the monthly payment option is available.  

All monthly accounts must register a credit/debit card and are automatically enrolled in the auto charge program. It is up to the account holder to inform the office of changes to the credit/debit card number.

The person whose credit card is on file is fully responsible for the account and receives the statements. JubalArts only releases account information to account holder unless we receive written consent.

Scheduled holidays, breaks and weather-related school closings do not alter monthly tuition. 

Tuition will not be reduced or refunded due to common student illness or family vacation. Students may make up classes as approved by instructor. (Please see Handbook.)

Account balances must be paid in full before registering for a new term.

A $25 late fee is applied to any account if the monthly auto charge is declined.


ALL accounts must register a credit/debit card and are enrolled in a monthly "auto charge" program which charges the card September 1-April 1 (always on the 1st of the month.)

Registering before or on September 1st: A non-refundable $25/family registration fee and first month's tuition are due at registration. Tuition is due one month in advance on the 1st of each month. Because of this advance payment, no tuition payment will be due on May 1st. 

Registration: A non-refundable $25/family registration fee, non-refundable $50 theater rental fee, and first two months' tuition are due at registration. Tuition is due one month in advance on the 1st of each month.

Students registering throughout the year on/before the 15th of the month pay the full current month's tuition. Students registering on/after the 16th of the month pay ½ of the current month's tuition.

Students are registering for a full year class. Any withdrawals during the school year are subject to the Withdrawal Policy (see below).

Weather-related school closings do not alter tuition.

Tuition will not be reduced or refunded due to student absence. Students may make up missed class with teacher permission within two weeks of absence. Please note that a make up may not be permitted by teacher, especially during certain times of the school year. Make up’s may be requested, but they may or may not be granted. There is no tuition refund or credit given either way.


Recital Fees include two payments: Costume Fee and Theater Rental Fee. The non-refundable Theater Rental Fee is $50/family and is due the time of registration. Costume fees are paid on October 1st and automatically included with that month's autopay tuition payment. 

Those who pre-paid the annual tuition by cash/check by Sept. 1st in-studio must include the costume fee, theater rental fee, and registration fee with their full tuition payment by Sept. 1st. They cannot wait until October 1st to pay costume fee or any other fees.

Costume fees:

$50 for the following classes:

·       Dance Fundamentals

·       Hip Hop 1 & 2

·       Everybody Dance Now

$55 for the following classes:

·       Ballet 1 & 2

$60 for the following classes:

·       Ballet 3

·       Jazz 1, 2, & 3


A student's costume may require some alterations. Parents are responsible to make these alterations when needed.  

Costumes will be sent home with students to keep after they are paid for, but should not be worn until the dress rehearsal and recital (and at the community performance at Independence Village for those classes that participate in this community performance). 



Summer Dance Workshops/Intensives must be paid in full by the start of class.

There are no discounts in the Summer Session.


5% tuition discount for full year paid in-studio by September 1st with cash or check. This annual payment must include all fees (registration, costume(s), and theater rental).

Multiple Class Discount: Families registering for more than one class pay regular price for most expensive class and then receive 5% off tuition price of the lesser expensive class(es).

Discounts do not apply to workshops, performance ensemble, summer classes, or fees including registration, costume, and theater rental fees.


To withdraw a student, parent must complete a Withdrawal Form on our website. A student will be considered "active" and tuition charged until the time this written communication is received online.

If a student withdraws at any time during a month the withdrawal is processed as of the last day of that month and an additional month’s tuition is processed as a withdrawal fee. There is no refund of any portion of that month's tuition. 

There is a withdrawal fee of one month's tuition. Classes and staffing are established based on enrollment at the beginning of the session. Student withdrawal has an impact on the expenses of running a class.

The costume fee(s), $25 registration fee, and $50 theater rental fees are non-refundable. 

withdrawal form:

Parent/Guardian (if student is under 18 yrs) *
Parent/Guardian (if student is under 18 yrs)
Student Name *
Student Name
I understand that there is a withdrawal fee of one month's tuition and that registration fee and recital fees are non-refundable as stated in the policies and waiver that I authorized at the time of registration. *

Make up classes

Students may attend an additional class as a make up for a missed class with instructor permission. This make up class must be attended within two weeks of the absence, and teacher approval is required. No class may be attended as a make up unless permission is given for a particular class and date of attendance. There are times of the school year when make ups are not granted due to performance preparation or other reasons.

Drop-in fees

New students may try or take class as a drop-in. Drop-in rates are listed below and must be paid by check or cash in the office prior to taking class:

$13 for the class if 45 - 60 minutes long. $12/hr for 75-120 minute classes. 

Recital & Dress Rehearsal

This year’s recital and dress rehearsal will take place at Lansing Community College's Dart Auditorium on Friday & Saturday, April 20th & 21st, 2018. All dance students perform with their class in this event with the exception of Ballet 4, Beginning Pointe, & Contemporary. Students report to Dart in full costume (includes completed hair and stage makeup) on both days at the following times:

Friday, April 20th Time TBD (Dress Rehearsal)

Saturday, April 21st Time TBD (Recital Performance)

There are no exceptions for dress rehearsal attendance requirements. All students must report to the check in tables at CPAC on time and stay for the duration of both days and times listed above. Students who, for any reason, do not attend dress rehearsal or leave rehearsal before release time will not be permitted to perform in the recital.

Dress Code

There are specific dress code requirements for each class at JubalArts. Instructors reserve the right to not allow a student to participate in class if the student is not prepared with their hair and clothing according to our dress code. We hate to do this to any student, so please make sure they always come prepared - including hair styled as required!

Attendance Requirements

Ballet 3, 4, & Beginning Pointe requires that students attend two ballet technique classes weekly. Due to the nature of dance training, the rate of a student’s progress is in direct correlation to the amount of time spent in weekly training. 

Recital Policies:

Students who do not attend the dress rehearsal or leave before being officially released by director will not be allowed to perform in the recital.